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Gabriel Pagán, who has received significant recognition throughout his musical career, including a nomination for Tropical Album of the Year at the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards, as well as multiple nominations and wins at the Soberano Awards in categories like Merengue of the Year and Video of the Year. His most recent nomination at the HEAT Awards for Best Tropical Artist reflects his unwavering commitment to capturing the hearts of new generations through Merengue.


Kelvis Ochoa is a renowned Cuban artist known for co-composing the soundtrack of “Habana Blues.” He is part of the band Habana Abierta and fuses traditional Cuban rhythms with modern styles like funk, rock and international pop. 

Ochoa’s career includes forming the band Cuatro Gatos, a successful collaboration with Pável Urkiza, and a solo career with notable albums. His work has earned him global recognition and awards, making him a prominent figure in Cuban music.


AFRO 23, also known as Yulier Ernesto Bonet Perez, is a Cuban musician with a remarkable journey that began in his youth. He is a versatile artist with a strong foundation in percussion and a deep affinity for the piano. AFRO 23’s career highlights include roles as a timbalero in the “Caisimu Orchestra” and as the musical director of the “Salsa Candela Orchestra.” He has collaborated with renowned Cuban orchestras and artists.

2022 marked a significant milestone as he signed his first recording contract with Top Stop Music, resulting in the release of his latest single, “Soy Afro 23.”


Maía, whose full name is Mónica Andrea Vives Orozco, is a Colombian singer and songwriter celebrated for her significant contributions to the Latin music scene. She made a notable mark in 2005 with her debut album “El Baile de los Sueños,” which included the hit single “Niña Bonita.” Her musical style is marked by its versatility, spanning across genres like pop, reggaeton, and Latin ballads. Maía’s music has resonated with audiences in Latin American and international markets, earning her various music awards and recognition. She has also collaborated with respected artists like Juanes and Reykon